Accenture conceives their workplace business strategy internally; hoteling, outsourcing, shared space, and then engages PDR to develop a workplace design strategy that will enable it.  For over 15 years, PDR has created Workplace Design Strategies to support a variety of business models and objectives impacting over 10,000 seats and 1.7 million square feet.

When Accenture pioneered their Business Process Outsourcing model in the late 1990’s, PDR was engaged to develop a new team space environment that would support the Design, Build, Run model of software development and implementation, the result – The High Performance Team Work Environment, based on clusters of individuals collocated and arranged around a collaborative table.  

Fast forward to 2009 – Accenture decides to take their workplace strategy to the next level; providing and engaging workplace for their consultants to come to when they need it and use it to connect and collaborate with others (versus making a “reservation” for independent work).  PDR aligned a new workplace design strategy and designed the first project to” Pilot” the new strategy in Houston.