PDR is the ultimate guide to navigating the future of work, workers, and workplace.

We see the factors that shape the markets in which our clients operate. By understanding this future context we create flexible and enduring consulting and design solutions that continue to generate value over time.

As partners with our clients, we have walked along side some of the largest organizations in the world on their journey to success. Through over 40 years of focus, we’ve worked on every aspect of the workplace cycle—from the highest-level strategy to the smallest construction detail.

We stand with our clients in the new, now and next.

We are here to help you move your company forward with confidence. More than your information source, sounding board, and elite creative team, we are your dedicated partners in your course for change.

We are the global team you can always reach.

PDR has worked on some of the largest and most complex workplace problems a Fortune 100 company can face, yet our firm is the size where everyone still knows one another. As our client, you will have direct access to our senior-most leaders and experts. Together, we will form a nimble, elite force for change within your organization.

A few notable clients who trust PDR with what matters most – their people