Our clients sought a residential change to better accommodate their lifestyle, from their suburb residence to a high rise condo. A home is a place of refuge. Hospitality and gatherings are of the utmost importance for some residential owners, therefore the home is used for entertainment. This home was designed to reflect our client’s warm style and entertaining lifestyle.

The style resembles a peaceful retreat. Simplistic, warm, and natural materials are a common theme throughout the residence. The client’s residential tower takes full advantage of the light on the 20th floor. The light evolves and changes, creating different moods within the three distinct views of the city. Each room is located with purpose and meaning in relation to the light. To mimic natural light, concealed fixtures provide ambient light. Feature lighting is thoughtfully placed, expressing and complementing the surrounding materials. Finishes are purposefully chosen for their warmth, texture, and richness. Wood, leather, and stone each react in a different manner, gaining a rich patina and adding depth to the home.

The home’s spacious feel, and plenty parallel seating allows for comfortable entertaining space. Multiple guests have a have a place in the rectangle living room or around the eight seated dining room round table. The open floor plan maximizes the actual square footage with minimal hallways. The walls are camouflaged into storage compartments to build on the open clean simplistic ambiance.  These features make a comfortable space with large or small capacities of people, which made it possible for our client to host sizable parties. 

Houston, Texas

4,000 USF