PDR’s leadership team is a diverse, multi-talented group with backgrounds in architecture, interior design and business. What we all share is a serious commitment to create environments that better serve the workers and the work itself. Our team is smart, innovative and not afraid to challenge the status quo.

  Drew Patton    Chairman

Drew Patton   Chairman

  Larry Lander    Principal

Larry Lander   Principal

  Stuart Harris    Principal

Stuart Harris   Principal

  Douglas Hellmann    Associate Principal

Douglas Hellmann   Associate Principal

  Robert Olvera    Associate Principal

Robert Olvera   Associate Principal

  Lauri Goodman Lampson    President + CEO

Lauri Goodman Lampson   President + CEO

  Peter Fisher    Principal

Peter Fisher   Principal

  Jerry Griffin    COO

Jerry Griffin   COO

  Heather Van Ravenswaay    Associate Principal

Heather Van Ravenswaay   Associate Principal

  Wayne Braun    Principal Emeritus

Wayne Braun   Principal Emeritus

  Kelly Baughman    Principal

Kelly Baughman   Principal

  Jackie Wheat    Principal + Director of design

Jackie Wheat   Principal + Director of design

  Marc Bellamy    Associate Principal

Marc Bellamy   Associate Principal