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Design Thinking: Evolving the Human Experience

The crisp voice of whispering wonders, the sight of curious minds, and chaotic uncertainty are encouraging the mind to reimagine how the human experience is evolving. We are experiencing a transformation in our workplace that is driving us or even forcing us to reimagine how we experience life, work, and play. In a designer’s mind, we use the term “sandbox” as a metaphor for experiencing a transformation and reimagining.

We all have the choice to either use our fight or flight primitive reflex in the midst of transition. We can tackle and jumpstart ideas to the challenges and opportunities we are targeting. We can engage a blend of proven tactics. We can embark on uncharted brainstorming sessions and best practices. We can even rapidly identify that, while our team is brilliant, our understanding of these challenges and opportunities is only heightened with the disruption screaming at us.

Through countless encounters with similar experiences in almost every industry, I can assure you that organizations are filled with a dynamic recipe for practical innovation. They are filled with abundance; brilliant minds, a malleable and yet strong foundation, a dynamic desire to reimagine themselves, and a deep understanding of their own industry and organization.

Sparking the perfect storm of curiosity and brilliance, as you integrate a design standard that captures imaginations and elevates the blend between wow-experience and practical innovation; so that you can finally crush unsolvable challenges, dive into insane opportunities, and achieve optimal outcome.

Only then can we arrive at the right question to ask.

“How might we dig into uncertainty, elevate tactical innovation, and influence how we advance the human experience?”

If you believe technology, science, and design are the tools required to simplify the human experience and activate the blended layers of this intention in the very fiber of our life, work, and play -- then you are orbiting the trajectory we seek to fuel. If you do not, you should deepen your knowledge of how these disciplines collide to bring about innovation as a process.

Let’s aggressively unpack this further.

Here is a “glimpse” or rather a giant leap into the process that blends these layers together and exponentially evolves how we reimagine the way in which we dispute uncertainty and infuse our workplace with the exponential virtuality of innovation and disruption.

1. Regardless of the elements you engage, construct of a design “sandbox”, a reimaging, that utilizes the proven methods of design thinking. From this framework, you and your team can aggressively unpack core challenges, investigate real opportunities, and simplify how we get from “huh?” to “Wow!”

2. Resurrect your childhood imagination and personality.

3. Evoke a passion for malleability, flexibility, and an openness that encourages you reimagine the impact place has on your team’s life, work, and play.

4. Adopt a system you believe in and your teams can rally around.

5. Deepen your understanding of why a system for innovation and disruption is relevant to your organization’s opportunities and challenges.

The reason we believe in design thinking as the process that drives how we wrangle ambiguity and elevate the human experience, is because of its altruistic and agnostic appreciation of organizational challenges, opportunities, and outcomes. Since design thinking is iterative, flexible, and focused on architecting collisions between the design and users, with an emphasis on bringing ideas to life, we can target the deepest layers of human existence, move far beyond solution design, and utilize how real users think, feel, and behave to architect a robust and dynamic navigational map.

6. Activate the ecosystem of design thinking through a blend of empathy, investigation, ideation, prototyping, testing, and measurement.

7. Use the framework to dispute uncertainty, construct the sandbox for ideation, learn from the user’s perspective, rapid-prototype the researched ideas, test the thematic outcomes, and iteratively recycle through the process as you deepen your knowledge that the scalable equation speaks directly to the chaotic nature of innovation and disruption.

8. Walk with humble swagger and lead with the confidence that you have the answer in your front pocket, back pocket, shirt-pocket, or really any pocket you want to place it in. Just be sure you challenge uncertainty, crush distraction, embrace disruption, and activate tactical innovation, so your organization can achieve optimal workplace.

Brad Rossacci is Director of Innovation for 900lbs of Creative and founder of human innovation science. 

His primary focus is on designing solutions that activate the human system as the principal elements of design within hyper-compelling environments. Utilizing Human Innovation Science to excavate opportunities, crush challenges, elevate defined requirements and engage brain function to drive the applications of design.